Town Hall: Emerging From Crisis

This live event has ended, but you can access all the video for free. Find out how nonprofits are weathering the storm and transitioning to the new reality of a post-COVID-19 world.

In just a few weeks, everything changed. While no one knows what the new normal will look like, some nonprofits aren’t waiting for the new normal to arrive. They’re proactively creating one. They're leaning on the innate generosity of humans to push forward to a better future, and they’re already seeing results.

We’re assembling a panel of experts in a 3-hour town hall. They will share their experiences as fundraisers and consultants during periods of crisis, and how this crisis requires its own approach. The event goes live on April 22nd at 1PM Eastern.

The Speakers

  • Gabe Cooper

  • Mckenna Bailey

  • Noah Barnett

  • T. Clay Buck, CFRE

  • Tim Kachuriak

  • Barbara O'Reilly, CFRE

  • Jeremy Reis

    World Concern
  • Brad Chrisakis

  • Cherian Koshy

    Des Moines Performing Arts
  • Mike Meyers

    Nonprofit DNA
  • Jason Lewis

    Responsive Fundraising
  • Cameron Ripley

    Community Boost Consulting


  • Responsive Nonprofit Principles

    by Gabe Cooper, Mckenna Bailey, and Noah Barnett, Virtuous Software
  • Donor Stewardship Amidst Crisis Times

    by Barbara O’Reilly & T. Clay Buck
  • Nonprofit Panel - Leading Through Crisis

    Jeremy Reis, Tim Smith & Mike Meyers
  • Case Study: Going Digital: Fundraising + Virtual Events

    Brad Chrisakis & Cameron Ripley
  • Discussion: Navigating Uncertainty & Responsive Fundraising

    Gabe Cooper & Jason Lewis

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