Responsive Nonprofit
 Summit 2019

Treat every donor like a major donor: learn how from leading fundraisers

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What is responsive fundraising?

Over the last two decades or so, fundraisers have scaled their efforts to include digital outreach. They've added a wide variety of sophisticated approaches to their fundraising toolkit. And yet, nonprofits are finding that it’s becoming more difficult to increase repeat giving.

We know that donors are actually on the lookout for ways to engage with the causes they care most about. So where is the disconnect?

Modern donors want to know that their time and money are truly making an impact. They want to give as part of a community. They want to be part of a movement.

Responsive fundraising puts the donor at the center of all development efforts. The responsive approach builds trust and loyalty through personalized engagement with each individual. And the result is increased generosity in all forms.

For our 2019 Summit, we assembled leaders who understand responsive fundraising and are thinking ahead of the shifting landscape. Throughout the summit, you will discover insights, strategies and case studies that reveal the power of responsive fundraising.

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The Speakers

  • Gabe Cooper

    Founder & CEO Virtuous
  • Brian Kurth

    Director of Sales & Marketing myRollCall
  • Stephen Boudreau

    Co-founder RaiseDonors
  • Jeff Key

    NationBuilder and Startup Chapter Support YNPN
  • Chris Kuetemeyer

    Managing Director American Philanthropic
  • Taylor Shanklin

    VP Marketing Pursuant
  • Braden Klingaman

    CEO/COO Fifty&Fifty
  • Hannah Silvers

    Partnership Manager Double the Donation

Get the Entire Summit On-Demand

We held our first-ever live Responsive Nonprofit Summit, and it was a big success. Now you can hvae access to every session on-demand.

5 hours.

10 thought leaders.

1 purpose: helping you understand today's donor and raise more for your cause in 2020 and beyond.


  • Opening Keynote

    Gabe Cooper, Virtuous Founder & CEO
  • Session I: Personalize, Modernize & Monetize Your Fundraising Events

    by Brian Kurth, myRollCall
  • Session II: Donor Centricity: How Your Tech Stack Should Begin with the Donor in Mind

    Stephen Boudreau, Raise Donors & David Cady, Virtuous Director of Partnerships
  • Session III: Matching Gifts Automation to Boost Revenue and Bring Constituents Closer

    Hannah Silvers, Partnership Manager at Double the Donation
  • Session IV: Getting to Yes: Building Support for Technology Transitions

    Jeff Key, NationBuilder and Startup Chapter Support, YNPN
  • Session V: Identity, Belongingness, and the Craft of Fundraising

    Chris Kuetemeyer, Managing Director, American Philanthropic
  • Virtuous Technology: Scaling Responsiveness

    Matt Wolach, Virtuous VP of Sales
  • Session VI: Scaling Stewardship: Creating a Major Donor Experience for Every Donor

    Taylor Shanklin, VP of Marketing at Pursuant
  • Session VII: Social-Impact Storytelling: Engage the World In the Worthwhile

    Braden Klingaman, CEO at Fifty & Fifty
  • Session VIII: The Responsive Fundraising Framework

    Noah Barnett, Virtuous Director of Research & Insights

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Why Responsive

The fundraising models that drive most of today's nonprofits were designed for a world that no longer exists.

Since 2006, we've seen an 18% drop in the number of individuals choosing to give to charities.

We believe this is not the result of nonprofits failing to reach out to, or even grow, their donor databases.

It's because the ways people communicate, connect, and learn have changed dramatically in the last 20 years. New rules of engagement have emerged on how brands are gaining—and keeping—our attention. This new world is marked by constant connectedness, hyper-personalized streams of communication and online communities inhabited by tribes.

Generic, mass communication doesn't work anymore.

Donors want to do more than give to the causes they support. They want to know that they are making an impact. They expect to be included as a part of the solution.

Fundamentally, everyday donors want to be treated with the same attention as major donors.

The world doesn't need better fundraising. The world needs responsive nonprofits.

We're already seeing nonprofits demonstrate responsive strategies, but it's time to make responsive ubiquitous. It's time to scale. Every nonprofit can be responsive.

About Virtuous

Virtuous is the responsive CRM and fundraising platform that helps your nonprofit easily create personalized donor experiences at scale and grow giving.

For more than five years, Virtuous has been helping nonprofits build lasting relationships with all their donors.